Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Strange Occurrence

I'll never forget the moment
when I heard that haunting tune,
and how it kept on reoccurring
beneath the melancholy moon

Had I imagined this I wondered?...
as I glided on the ice,
this skating such a comfort to me
these past few grief-filled nights.

And when I heard the words,
"I love you," whispered through the night,
a phoenix flew from my heart with all my
love in flight.

Midst silent floating snowflakes
I saw you standing there.Your lovely face,
your auburn hair graced...
with sparkling wintry lace.

And as we danced that star-filled night
our eyes welled up with tears
as these two hearts beat rhythmically
to the music of the spheres.

c. Douglas E. Fireman


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